Funny text jokes, humorous reading material and email comedy gags like strange sex laws, idiot test, trailer trash, Italian men and many more.

Funny Jokes

  These are all funny text jokes, humorous reading material and email comedy gags that are fairly short with a twisted sense of humor. Because text jokes and comedy gags should be funny ha ha, not funny strange, like us.
  Just highlight the joke, right click on it. Select copy, then open up your email. Select edit, then paste. Ta Da!

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  1. Escaped from jail
    - Funny joke to read about how to deal with burglars.
  2. Strange sex laws
    - Strange sex laws for humorous reading material.
  3. Here's a new way to get that job!
    - Funny joke about a rejection letter with a twist.
  4.  Idiot Test
    - 20 questions and answers to test for idiocy.
  5. You know you're trailer trash if....
    - Yep! Redneck funny jokes to read.
  6. Microsoft at boot camp
    - Humor spoof about how a tech deals with everyday life.
  7. Italian men
    - Funny joke about female bashing.
  8. 15 worst fortune cookies
    - Funny joke about fortunes you don't want. Great email comedy gags.
  9. Best pickup lines
    - Try it with a bit of humor. It might just work and it's also funny reading material.
  10. Application to go on the Jerry Springer Show
    - A bit longer funny joke, but makes for good practice. Just in case you need to apply.
  11. Good dentist
    - Yes! It's a man bashing funny joke to read.
  12. A bunch of short female bashing jokes
    - Funny joke about female bashing. We take no sides, just thing for granted.
  13. 10 bumper stickers
    - Okay. If you have to display a bumper sticker. Type these into a picture editor and print them on sticky paper. Voila!. Funny bumper stickers. They may be copyrighted though.
  14. Truths about life that we have learned
    - Funny joke to read about truths in life from children, adults and growing old.
  15. A bunch of short male bashing jokes
    - Bashing through the store, on a one man's weekly pay, , all the fun we have, spending all the way.
  16. The Pirate
    - A funny joke about the possibility of perils with pirate-hood problems.
  17. Funny Sign Sayings
    - Just funny jokes or real signs sayings? You decide.
  18. Balls
    - Funny joke about the type of balls we play with.
  19. Various Short Jokes and One Liners
    - 18 so far
  20. Masturbating before sex
    - Just be careful where you toggle your joy stick.

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