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  These are all funny jokes to read. Most of the funny jokes are fairly short with a twisted sense of humor. Because comedy gags and humor spoofs should be funny ha ha, not funny strange. Like us.
  Just highlight the funny joke, right click on it. Select copy, then open up your email. Select edit, then paste.

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  1. Pillsbury Doughboy obituary
    - Funny joke about a fictitious dough death.
  2. Bank robbery
    - Planning is always essential when robbing banks. Find out why.
  3. Do you see anything written here  
    - What you say can backfire, especially if it's written on your forehead.
  4. Best news headlines of 2004
    - Real headlines from newspapers that are real stupid.
  5. 20 short blonde jokes and one liners
    - The first intallment and with many more to come. We don't necessarily condone them, but there's so many that we just can't ignore them.
  6. David Letterman's top ten list
    -This list is the most Polite Ways to Say Your Zipper Is Down.

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